Photo Journalism Assignment




Howard Denney, a Veteran of the Iraq War, celebrates Veterans Week at Towson University. Denney is a student there at Towson while he is on leave.





Andrew Poulos, a senior men’s lacrosse player at Towson University, is receiving rehab therapy before practice from student trainer, Jill Lidsky. Poulos tore his acl this past fall during a lacrosse game and will be red shirting through this year’s season.



Andy Raymond, an STX representative, is promoting the companies sticks and other equipment at a middle school field hockey tournament. The tournament was held this past Sunday and based at Garrison Forest School.


About ademsk1

Hi guys, my name is Alexa Demski. I am currently a junior at Towson University. I am an electronic media and film major on the radio/audio track with a masscomm minor on a journalism track. I am a member of the women's varsity lacrosse team at Towson, and aspire to be a sports broadcaster in the future.

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