Welcome to The Glen Marketplace


The Glen Marketplace

Every freshman who lives on campus at Towson has eaten at the Glen Marketplace at least once. I take that back…..any student who has ever lived on campus has eaten at the Glen Marketplace at least once.

The reasoning is that the Glen is very accessible due to its location (right in the middle of campus) and is all you can eat, for as long as you want! This can be a dangerous thing for any student who is trying to watch what they are eating.

The dinning hall hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. It is only one student meal to enter, or if you don’t have meals $5.65 for breakfast, $8.30 for lunch and brunch and $9.00 for dinner, not including tax.

Once inside the huge dining hall, you have a good variety of stations that you can choose from. Also there is no limit to how much you can eat so, if you want to eat at all of them you can. The different stations include, a brick-oven pizza station, a salad bar, a dessert bar, a sandwich station, a vegan/vegetarian station, a Hot off the Grill, Cereal, Milk, and breakfast station, and finally a hot meal station.

While you were reading through that list I’m sure there were some station names that sounded absolutely appetizing….this is very true, but they are the stations you most likely want to stay away from if you are watching your weight.

The Glen-Grill.....one of the less-healthier stations

It is important to remember you can indulge in your cravings sometimes, but not everyday. The best advice is to try and stay away from the deep fried food such as the french fries and chicken patties.

If you are trying to watch your weight, the stations that you want to stay away from no matter how good they smell and tempt you is the Hott off the Grill, and the dessert station. This again is not to say that you can’t treat yourself every once and a while, but eating the fried food everyday is not a good plan.

For breakfast there is a great omelet station. Omelets can be very good for you if you are including the right stuff in your omelets. Try not to add and cheeses and just order an egg-white omelet. Also add some vegetables in your omelet over the bacon and ham.

You can also enjoy some fresh fruit including apples, oranges, and bananas. There are healthy cereal options over the cereal’s that have tons of sugar and there is fat-free milk.

The Salad Bar

For lunch or dinner a great place to start is the vegetarian section. They tend to have a lot of healthy dishes to choose from.  But if that isn’t your thing then try the salad bar. There is a wide selection of what you can put on your salad. From the different types of lettuce, to every top of salad topping you can imagine. While going through the toppings I suggest to stay away from the cheeses, and eggs and load on the extra veggies!

For the dressing, stay away from creamy dressings. They tend to be loaded with calories, and are the least healthy of all. There is always oil and vinegar at the end of the salad bar. That will most likely be your best choice, or a dressing that is labeled “fat free” or “light”.

So now you have a nice salad to start your meal off with. You could now choose to go to the sandwich station. Here instead of a sandwich you can get a healthy wrap instead. The same thing goes for the sandwich as for the salad. Stay away from the loaded calories such as adding bacon, or three kinds of cheeses. Add some meat, and a slice of cheese. Be sure to don’t load on the condiments like mayonnaise and mustard. Again like the salad try adding some vegetables to your sandwich, such as lettuce and tomatoes or even peppers!

The Sandwich Station

If you aren’t feeling a sandwich then you could opt for some pasta. Pasta isn’t horrible for you in small portions. If you get the pasta make sure its a portion the size of your palm, and try eating it plain with some oil. Or if you absolutely need sauce, add a little bit of plain, meatless tomato sauce for some flavoring. Don’t add any extra cheeses on top!

The Vegan station

If the hot meal station is open go for a slice of fish, chicken, or turkey breast that are not drenched in sauces. They also have tons of steamed vegetables to choose from at this station.

Make sure to add in some fruit and vegetables in with each of your meals and always stay hydrated. Be sure your drinking lots of water. Soda and juices are filled with a lot of sugar so your best bet is water, or a low fat milk. Finally keep your portions sizes small around the size of your palms.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for healthier foods you can choose to eat at the Glen Marketplace next time you go for a meal!


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