Come on in to the Newell Dining Hall


Newell Dining Hall

To start this blog, I have to say that this is possibly one of my favorite places to eat at on campus. I will try my best to remain objective while writing this blog, but I do highly suggest that you make your way across campus if you have never been!

The Newell Dining Hall is located right above the Newell Den, on the second floor of Newell. For those of you who aren’t familiar with where that is, it is located right next too Cook Library. (the side closest to Burke Ave, or where the Residence Towers are)

This dining hall is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Friday. Sadly if you were hoping to stop by during the weekend you can’t because they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. It is only one meal to enter, cash rate is $5.65 for breakfast, $8.30 for lunch and brunch and $9.00 for dinner, not including tax.

This dining hall features a Mongolian Grill, a salad bar, a Kosher Korner and a wide variety of buffet style stations. This buffet stations include a hot-meal-station, pizza corner, a deli and pasta station.

In this blog, I am going to give you some helpful tips to eating healthy while your at this dining hall. There are tons of temptations at every corner, and when it is alright to indulge every once and a while….try to stay away from the fried foods!

To start I have to say that this dining hall is one of the best places to go for a variety of fruit and vegetables throughout the entire day. There is a station that has yogurt, granola and different types of fruit to fill up on.

Yummy fruit and yogurt!!!!

The omelet station is a great and healthy place to eat at for breakfast. With the omelet you can add any amount of toppings you want. I suggest to load up on the veggies!

You will probably hear me say that a lot in this blog, but you can never go wrong with adding tones of vegetables to your meals! Not only will it make your meal look bigger, but it will also help to fill you up in the healthiest way possible.

Back to the omelet, you can add mushrooms, peppers, ham, tofu, and cheese. I suggest

Omelet Station

to stay away from the ham and cheese and try the tofu. It adds some great flavor, and has less calories than the other options.

Along with your omelet you can add in the fruit and yogurt, with a glass of milk. Or even better you can begin your day hydrating right with a glass of ice cold water! If you feel like you need more to eat, try a peace of wheat bread over white bread, and add a nice thin layer of jam or preservatives. (not butter!!!!)

Now that you’ve ate your amazingly healthy breakfast, here are some options you have for lunch and dinner. The best stations to start at would be the salad bar. The Newell salad bar is awesome because it has so many nutritious options to add on top. Like I said earlier, load up on the veggies!

Salad Toppings

Don’t be afraid to pile on the extra celery, broccoli, peppers and so on. I would stay away from the cheeses, and bread toppings like the croutons. For your dressing they have oil and vinegar right next to the salad bar! That is most likely your healthiest choices to use, or if they have a “light” or “fat free” dressing.

The creamy dressings are the least healthy dressings that you can use, so try to resist the temptation to pile it on top of your salad. But if you absolutely must have it, thats ok just try to use a small amount and don’t drench your salad in it. When I say that I mean make sure you can still see some green!

Salad Bar!

After you’ve had your amazingly healthy salad, if you are still hungry you could head on over to the hot-meal-station. This is a great place to fill up on food. My suggestion is to stick with the food that is not drenched in sauces such as gravy or butter or anything else.

Try to eat the meals that had chickens and porks with little seasoning. At this station you can also get all kinds of steamed vegetables. This would be a perfect meal to help fill you up with your side salad.


Remember to stay hydrated with water! Water and milk are the healthiest beverages to go along with your meals. Juices and Sodas have a ton of extra sugar in them, and make you thirstier.

The special thing about Newell like other dining halls is that it includes a Kosher Korner. This allows students and faculty with strict religious dietary obligations to be able to feast with out having to worry. This corner includes all kinds of kosher choices of entrees, sandwiches, pizza, starch, vegetables and soups.

Kosher Korner!

You don’t need to be Jewish to eat kosher either. Studies have found that kosher meat is healthier than regular meat. So maybe check out the Kosher Korner if you are craving any kind of meat.

Another great station to eat at is the deli station. Here you have a great variety of

Condiment Selection and Toppings at the Deli

sandwiches that you can create! My healthy tip is to go with either a wrap or a sandwich with wheat bread.

This is yet another opportunity to load up on the veggies. Your sandwich you can load up with tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and so on. If you want to be really healthy maybe eliminate the cheese and just have some meat.

Also with that in mind try not to load up on the condiments.Mayonnaise and mustard have tons of extra salt in them, so try just eating your sandwich plain or add some oil and vinegar for some flavoring!

My Healthy Sandwich!

Just remember that anything grilled, or steamed is much healthier than anything that is fried! So try to stay away from the fried food and anything that is coated in sauces and cheeses. Finally don’t be afraid to load up on the water, fruits and veggies to make sure that you help fulfill your nutritious obligations.


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