Introduction to new blog idea…..


I have to write a blog about something that interests me for my Social Media and Strategic Communications class. Therefore since I am a division 1 athlete, I have decided to write about the effects of playing a sport on a female athlete’s body throughout her career. This is something that highly interests me because throughout my many years of playing lacrosse, I have watched many of my teammates get injured. I am curious about what the possible  life-long effects are on girls throught their endless years of playing a sport.

For me personally, I am a current junior at Towson University and only 20-years-old, yet there are days that I feel like I’m 80 years older than I am. I know that with every year I get older, it takes more time for me to recover and heal from any injury. Throughout this blog I hope to investigate and pass on the information that I gain to any one who is currious about the best ways to prevent injuries.

I  hope to find out what the most common injures for female athletes are and in what specific sports are these injuries most common. Also what are the life-long effects for women who participate in these sports for numerous years.


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