Come on in to the Brick Street Cafe


Brick Street Cafe!

The Brick Street Cafe is one of the less familiar a-la-carte dining facilities available at Towson University. It is perfect for those students or faculty in a rush and on the go. It is less familiar because it is on the first floor of Hawkins Hall, which is a smaller building on campus. There for not many students are around or in that building even despite the location of it.

This facility offers Seattle’s Best Coffee, Outtakes grab-and-go sandwiches and salads, and made-to-order deli delights from Leo’s.B. The Café Mattone serves hot personal pan pizzas, calzones, and pastas and there are also breakfast sandwiches, bakery items and sushi.

The hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. Sadly this is another facility on campus that is not open on weekends, so don’t plan on stopping by on Saturday and Sunday!

This is a great place that has tons of healthy options to pick from! Lets start by looking at whats on the Deli menu, shall we? There are a great variety of sandwiches to choose from. For the purpose of being healthier I say start by going with a wrap over bread. Tortilla wraps tend to be healthier and have less carbs than a lot of breads.

Fruit all over!

For your meats, any of the choices are fine stick with the lunch meat and away from the different salads because they are filled with mayonnaise. With your cheeses try to add only one slice of cheese.
This is a great opportunity to load up on the veggies! Add some lettuce and tomatoes and any other vegetable you like to your sandwich to help fill you up. For the condiments try using little to none on your sandwich, or if you have to only  a small amount.
All the sandwiches come with your choice of a side of chips, pretzels, a piece of fruit or a pickle. You should load up on all the fruits and vegetables you can throughout the day, so I say go with the fruit or the pickle.
If you aren’t feeling a deli sandwich, then try a veggie burger. You are basically eating a cheeseburger but this is much healthier and tastier!

Leo's Deli!

If you are in the mood for pizza then you are also in luck because they have a great vegetable pizza. It’s not the healthiest thing you can eat but it is a healthier option and that is what we are looking for!
The best part about the Brick Street Cafe is that there are tons of pre-packaged food all around. They have ready made salads to choose from too that look amazing! Salad is never a bad choice if you are trying to be healthy.
Sandwiches and Salads!
Even though this us one of the smaller dining facilities and there isn’t a hundred different options to choose from, it is still a great and convenient place to eat at. So next time you are in the middle of campus come check out the Brick Street Cafe!

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