Random thought of the day….why are we addicted to social media?!?!


Have you ever taken the time to think about what it was like when you were growing up….before all the cellphones, Facebook and twitter accounts? Think back to when you had to use a house phone to call one of your friends. Or when you had to write out a letter and mail it to talk to a distant relative.

I took a moment today and thought about how and why our world has become so addicted to social media mediums. It almost feels like every month there is a new competitor entering the race and trying to scale the cyber/technical world to become number one.

I think that we as a human race are very curious creatures. The idea that we have the power of knowledge right at our finger tips has become an intriguing factor to boost the popularity of these programs. The fact that you can find out almost anything you want to know about a person by just going on the internet and Googling them is a scary yet fascinating thought.

If you were to Google my name…..Alexa Demski, everything there is to know about me will pop up. From any articles that have included my name, to all of my social networking accounts! Even with my profiles all being set to private, the truth is there is no privacy anymore.

So why do we find the need to spend endless hours on our computers or cell phones? Is it because we are afraid of being left out of the loop? Or maybe because we feel like if we miss something than we will never be able to catch back up.

Either way we as a society have become dependent on these social media networks. From cradle to grave, we would be lost without the power of social media. I don’t know if we could ever go back to the way things were.



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