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Reach your Highest Potential as an Athlete

Members of the towson women's lacrosse team schedule individual practices to spend extra time working on (Photo by: Alexa Demski/TU Student)

Members of the Towson Women’s lacrosse team schedule individual practices with volunteer coach, Mike Molster. (Photo by: Alexa Demski/TU Student)

Every athlete wants to find success both on and off the field. But there is more too being successful then meets the eye. There are many different aspects that go into the process that most athletes are unaware of.

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Female Athlete Injuries: the Athlete vs. theTrainer



Towson University athletic trainer, Mike Leonard-Garner, evaluating one of his female athletes for a foot injury sustained during practice. (Photo by: Alexa Demski/TU Student)


The recent increase in injuries among female athletes of all ages has recently been a highly debated issue. Listen to this story about how the Towson University athletic trainers and female athletes feel about this issue.