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It’s pronounced……Uh-Lex-Uh


Hello Cyber World and welcome to my newest Blog Category MCom 258:Journalism & New Media II. My name is Alexa Demski for those who are new to my page. I am now a Senior at Towson University and am currently majoring in Electronic Media & Film with a minor in Mass Communications.

I have always aspired to be a sports broadcaster while I was growing up…..the next Erin Andrews I would tell people. But now in recent years I have found that my heart can be found in entertainment. The way that we as a society watch, follow and even become obsessed with entertainers and their every day daily lives is something that  has always fascinated me. I too am a celebrity gossip junkie so why not be payed to do what you love….right?

Even though I no longer want to be a sports caster I still love sports. I am a huge Baltimore Raven’s fan and will be till the day I die! I also am a huge Towson Women’s Lacrosse fan and not just because I am currently a member of the team. Yes, I am a member of the CAA Conference Champion’s team and have been now for three  going on four years. Sorry for the shout out, as you can see we are still excited about the huge win from last season. If you are still around in the Spring make sure you make some time and come out to some games. I promise they are always exciting and keep you sitting at the edge of your seat! If you are looking for me I’m number 5, or you can just look for the girl with the crazy hair.

This blog will be dedicated to my stories that I research and write throughout the semester. I look forward to all your comments and any feed back will be greatly appreciated!

Cheers to another great semester at Towson,